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AJR at Houston House of Blues February 2018

February 28, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Discovering an awesome new band is always exhilarating! Getting to discover an awesome new band and photograph them live at the same time is even more exhilarating! AJR opened for Grizfolk on February 18th at the Houston House of Blues and to say my mind was blown was an understatement. From the loud bass, the bright flashes of light and the intense energy coming from the stage, these three brothers from New York definitley made it hard for me to keep from dancing in the photo pit. I loved their show and hope they come back to Houston soon. Oh..and don't get me started on how blown my mind was when they shared my photos on their instagram...the last I checked one photo had close to 15k likes! Thank you AJR Fans!!! I know you were just liking the person in the picture but the fact that 15k people saw my photo makes me want to do 3 cartwheels, a back handspring and 5 highkicks while shooting confetti out of my ass. Seriously..I was that excited!


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