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8 yrs old..This girl here

July 18, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I can't believe that this girl is 8 years old. She was 6 days late and took her sweet time joining the world after labor started. I remember going to a Hallmark store the day labor began because we had forgotten to get a baby book. Afterwards, we stopped at Rajun Cajun for shrimp po-boys. Late that evening we headed to the movies - while in the movie theatre, my husband got on to me for having my phone out. He thought I was texting or checking facebook when in reality, I was using my super useful contraction app. Needless to say, watching warewolves and vampires fight put me into labor. Thanks Twilight - Eclipse!

I'm in love with her enthusiasm and love for life. She is ball of energy full of rainbows and sunshine with a ton of sprinkles on top. She made me a mom. She has my heart forever and ever.



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